We are revolutionizing the Swiss digital art scene by creating the go-to NFT ecosystem for artists and collectors​

SwissNFTs is a project supported by Scale Network, a Swiss consultant and enabler of emerging technologies. SwissNFTs was created as part of the Funding Box Program, a program designed to foster innovation in Switzerland.

We have transformed carefully curated subjects from our cantons into 81 unique pieces of digital art, or, more specifically, NFTs. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are essentially certificates of authenticity attached to digital objects and have enjoyed great popularity this year – tweets and image collages, for example, were sold for millions in some cases. 

With our “Generation 0” collection, we want to put Switzerland on the global NFT map and in doing so, we rely on traditional Swiss values such as security, trust and innovation.

Our ultimate vision is to create a platform for Swiss artists and art enthusiasts to securely, reliably and easily issue and trade digital art.

For us, trust is paramount – platform users will be able to launch and invest in NFT projects hassle and risk-free. Not only are we creating new investment opportunities for buyers and collectors of art, more importantly, but we are also making complex emerging technologies such as DLT and smart contracts actionable for artists.

In this sense, SwissNFTs wants to democratize the Swiss digital art market by making it accessible to everyone.

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