Generation Zero

Clean Collection

This type of style allows playing with shapes and the results are clear, flat and compound compositions. A simple palette of different forms depicted in design possesses flowing curves and straight lines that speak together in the unique visual impression.

Canton Schwyz

Canton Schwyz is one of the three founding cantons of Switzerland and namesake of Switzerland. The Federal Charter of 1291, which is considered as the origin of Switzerland, is kept in the Capital of the Canton. The Schwyz took over the leadership in the Swiss Confederation. Its importance in the founding process and throughout history can’t be measured. Our Schwyz NFT shows the legendary national hero William Tell with his son. According to the legend, he killed the Habsburgian Duke and sparked the rebellion against the Austrian Tyranny. The Tells are enjoying the view over the Muota valley, standing on the infamous mountain Bös Fulen. It’s the highest peak of the Canton. The Schwyz Coat of Arms, which is integrated into the background, has also been essential for the creation of the Swiss flag.

Canton Bern

The Gothic Minster of Bern, standing tall with a complete height of 100.6m, is the tallest cathedral in Switzerland. It has the most complete collection of Gothic sculptures in Europe. You can see the collection of the last judgement on the main portal of the cathedral. The Capital of the Canton and the Canton are sharing the same name – Bern. The City of Bern is the de facto, but not de jure Capital of Switzerland. Bears, the namesake of Bern, are very important to the Bernese, which is why it is the heraldic animal of the Canton. It is integrated perfectly in the coat of arms, which is filling the background of this NFT.

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Canton Thurgau

Our Thurgau NFT shows a Saurer PostBus from the 50s. The Adolf Saurer AG was based in Arbon, at the beautiful Lake of Constance. It was the most important manufacturer of vehicles, like trucks and busses, in Switzerland. The Canton of Thurgau is part of Eastern Switzerland. Its Captial Frauenfeld is globally known for the largest hip-hop open-air festival in Europe. The coat of arms is decorating the windshield. The Color green is the symbol of freedom, silver/white stands for innocence.

Canton Jura

The end of the prohibition and legalization of absinthe in Switzerland in 2005, set the green fairies free again. Absinthe was originally used as malaria preventive or medicine for stomachache. It originates in Switzerland. International artists and writers like Picasso and Hemmingway have helped this spirit to gain more popularity. But it is probably still van Gogh, who infamously cut off his ear while being under the influence of absinthe.

Canton Neuchatel

The unique Canton of Neuchatel was the only monarchy to join the Swiss Confederation. The castle of Neuchatel is the symbol of the Canton and its Capital with the same name. The castle was originally one of the residences of the King of Burgundy. In our NFT the castle is located on top of the art piece, with wine grape leaves underneath. The original castle is also located on top of a hill, overviewing the three-lake-country. The three-lake country is known as the wine region of Switzerland. The rosé Œil de Perdrix is a speciality from Neuchatel.

Canton Uri

Wilhelm Tell is likely to come from Uri. The Coat of arms is a black bull’s head with a nose ring on with a yellow background. This Canton is one of the founding members of the Old Swiss Confederation. Our NFT shows the main square of the Capital of Uri, Altdorf, with the Tell-monument.


Canton Nidwalden

Although formally being a canton on its own, Nidwalden is considered a „half-canton“, with Obwalden as the other half. These two cantons originally joined the Old Swiss Confederation together in 1291. The coat of arms is a double key as a symbol for Saint Peter, who is the church patron of Nidwalden’s capital Stans. Our NFT shows the infamous hotel Bürgenstock, which is the biggest resort in Switzerland and is located at a height of 1115m.

Canton Ticino

Ticino is known for its palm trees, Mediterranean climate and Italian architecture. It is one of the two Swiss cantons having Italian as an official language. The Tessin also has the warmest city in Switzerland – Locarno. Our NFT shows the Swiss paradise, the lake of Lugano, with a glimpse of the old city of Lugano. 


Canton Aargau

Aargau has a special coat of arms. There are several meanings to it. The waves are most likely to represent the river Aare. The three stars might represent the formerly independent cantons Baden, Aargau and Fricktal or the three confessions catholic, reformed and Jewish. Our NFT shows the Hallwyl Castle, which is one of the most important moated castles in Switzerland and is located on two islands near the northern end of Lake Hallwil. 

Canton Basel-Landschaft

Basel is divided into two cantons – Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft. This Canton joined the Old Swiss Confederation in 1501. The coat of arms is a red crosier, that represents the diocese of Basel. It is similar to the coat of arms of the canton’s capital Liestal. Our NFT shows the Bottmingen Castle. It is a site of national significance and one of the few remaining water castles of Switzerland.


Canton Lucerne

Mount Rigi is located between the most famous Swiss lakes. Canton Lucerne is proud to call this Mountaintop – The Queen of the Mountains. Although it has a majestic height of 1.797 m, it’s pretty easy to get access to the top. Several railways and pathways for hiking are making this tourist hotspot even more popular. Our NFT shows the famous top of the Rigi and the view over the lakes.

Canton Obwalden

Our NFT is integrating the Pilatus Railway into the coat of arms of Canton Obwalden. The Pilatus Railway is known for being the steepest rack railway in the world. The over 100-year-old railway is still using the original rack rails. Enjoy the ride to the top of Mount Pilatus at a speed of about 10 km/h. Make sure to enjoy our NFT, which focuses on this special product of engineering.

Canton Fribourg

Life is sweet in Switzerland. Literally. Swiss Chocolate is famous all around the world. With a history of 200 years, Maison Cailler is probably Switzerland’s oldest running Chocolaterie. Founded in 1819 in the Canton of Fribourg, the oldest product, that is still sold today is „Branche“ – a single chocolate bar with praline filling. Our NFT shows the factory of Maison Cailler located in Broc.

Canton Appenzell Ausserhoden

The highest mountain of Eastern Switzerland is standing tall with a height of 2.501,9 m. Thanks to its special location and height, you can see six different countries from the top of the Säntis. It is the most prominent summit in Europe with an observation deck (which was first opened in 1842). Our NFT shows the transmission tower that is located at the peak of the Säntis and the bear from the coat of arms of the Canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden.

Canton Vaude

This NFT shows the most frequently visited historical building of Switzerland (and even Europe)- Chateaux Chillon. Located at a unique point at Lake Geneva it is surrounded by water and mountains are making the background picture perfect. This Castle has first been mentioned in 1150 and is an island castle. The Canton of Vaude has “Liberté et Patrie“ integrated into its coat of arms. Our NFT combines the quote and the beauty of the Castle into one art piece.

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