Generation Zero

Neon Collection

The futuristic fantasy art of Swiss cantons in surreal, neon style. It’s like going through Swiss conquered space in the future, and the cantons are some faraway worlds you would like to visit while on vacation.

Canton Schwyz

In this NFT, our Unicow has witnessed one of the most legendary moments in Swiss history – Wilhelm Tell successfully shooting an apple off of his son’s head. This is one of the events, that made Tell the globally known national hero of Switzerland. 

Canton Bern

The Federal Palace of Switzerland is getting a modern glow up in this neon NFT. This building is, where the most important decisions are being made – the Federal Council and the Federal Assembly are sharing the 300 m long palace. Look up to the stars, find the great bear and make a wish. 

Canton Thurgau

Known for its fruit production, the Canton of Thurgau is locally known as “Apple Juice-India”. The blooming apple trees are creating a beautiful atmosphere in spring, and delicious apples in autumn. Our NFT is an ode to the nature of this Canton.

Canton Jura

Switzerland is home to the most sought after luxurious watch brands. The 200 km long watch valley is mainly located at the Swiss Jura arc. One of the worlds oldest manufacturers is Swiss and started its production in 1755 in the “valley”. The Swiss love for precision and quality is an industry, that creates timeless art pieces. Our NFT is like a love letter for the difficult manual work and all the details, that make things work as smooth as a Swiss watch. 

Canton Neuchatel

In vino veritas. You can find the truth in wine in the Canton Neuchatel, having a rosé Œil de Perdrix. This neon NFT is giving some quality lifestyle vibes, that makes you want to go to the three-lake-country and enjoy the nicer things in life. 

Canton Uri

As a founding member of the Old Swiss Confederation, this Canton plays an essential role in the myth about the „Rütlischwur“. The Rütlischwur is the oath that was taken at the foundation of the Old Swiss Confederation. It is named after the place, where the Oath-Takers used to meet up. Our NFT shows the three „Eidgenossen“ (Oath-Takers). Although it has never been officially proven, it is widely known, that the three persons are most likely Werner Stauffacher from Schwyz, Arnold von Melchtal from Unterwalden and Walter Fürst from Uri. This NFT is a homage to the National myth of the foundation of Switzerland as Confederation.

Canton Nidwalden

This NFT is for everyone who enjoys a good ride with an open deck and a view over a lake. The Cabrio cable car ride in Nidwalden is one of a kind – worldwide. This cable car will drive you up to a height of 1898 m, so you can enjoy the surroundings. There is an open deck, but if you prefer to have a roof over your head while riding to that height, you can go downstairs and enjoy a regular cable car ride in a box. No matter how you prefer to take that ride – just take a deep breath of the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Lucerne.

Canton Aargau

This Aargau Neon NFT is literally legendary. The legend says, that once there was a dragon living on that hill. Two knights defeated it and got the right to build a castle in the same place. The Castle in question is the Lenzburg Castle. It is one of the oldest and most important castles in Switzerland. It is listed as a heritage site. Some parts of the castle even date back to the 11th century. Do you think there is still a dragon hiding somewhere around the castle?

Canton Basel-Land

Thinking about Switzerland most people think about medieval times. The oldest known Roman colony on the Rhine river is located in Switzerland, though. The so-called Augusta Raurica was founded around 44 BC. Nowadays it is an archaeological site and open-air museum. Originally it was a prosperous trading centre. An estimation claims, that about 10.000 people probably lived in Augusta Raurica. This NFT is a real must-have for anyone, who admires ancient history and has a flair for modern times.

Canton Ticino

Ticino is known as Swiss Paradise, there is even a place called Paradiso in this Canton. If you go for your afternoon walk to catch the last few warm rays of light before the sun sets, you might come across a private garden with access to Lake Lugano. Right on the other side of the lake, you can see Monte San Salvatore – with a height of 912 m, it is the top of Lugano. Our NFT shows exactly this beautiful scenario.

Canton Lucerne

The Lion Monument commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massacred during the French Revolution in Paris. The mourning and dying lion is placing its right front paw, protecting a shield covered with the lilies of France. The Swiss Cross is placed right above his head. Even Mark Twain commented on this Monument in „A Tramp Abroad“. This NFT from the Neon Collection shows this sandstone sculpture, which is one of the most visited monuments in Switzerland, in a new way.

Canton Obwalden

If you think about sports and Switzerland, you are most likely to think about the different types of winter sports. One of the best places to go skiing is the Canton of Obwalden. Engelberg-Titlis has a total of 70 km of slope to offer.

Canton Fribourg

The world-renowned Swiss cheese Gruyère is the most popular cheese in Switzerland. It was named after Gruyères in the Canton of Fribourg. Our NFT is not about the Gruyère cheese, but the castle with the same name and fondue. The Gruyère Castle aged like a fine cheese – built in 1270, it is still in a good condition. Since 1938 it is used as a museum. Talking about the Fribourg region and cheese – it has the best fondue to offer.

Canton Appenzeller Ausserrhoden

Switzerland is known to be a country full of traditions. Appenzell Ausserrhoden has a special one – Silvesterklausen. This tradition goes back to medieval times. A Silvesterklaus is wearing a costume that represents either Saint Sylvester or another New Year’s Eve character. There are three different types of Silvesterklauses: The Beautiful One, the Pretty-Ugly One and the Ugly One. Not only do they celebrate New Year’s Eve masked, but also they do it twice. Once according to the Gregorian and once according to the Julian calendar. If the 31st December or the 13th January is on a Sunday, they move the celebrations to one day earlier. Our NFT from the Neon Collection is celebrating this tradition and their creative headpieces and masks.

Canton Vaud

Our NFT shows two of the more famous sights of Lake Geneva – La Fourchette and Chateau Ouchy. La Fourchette – the world’s tallest fork, that is placed in Lake Geneva, wasn’t always meant to stay. First introduced to the public in 1995 as a symbol of culinary, it had to be removed due to aesthetic reasons. It was so popular though, that they had to put it back. The Castle Ouchy was built in 1170 and was once used as a prison. It was also the place, where the borders of modern day Greece and Turkey were agreed upon in 1923.

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